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Hey, any soul sends chocolate in the mail is a saint in my book! LOL!

LOVE the box! COOL BEANS!!! :D

And a BOLD saint at that, eh? lol! It arrived only a l-i-t-t-l-e bit crushed...

Yep, Kris is doing an AWEsome job on that box, and it's sweet to have all this cool paper to play with! We have WAY too much fun!

Cooking is "rocket science" to me... There are way too many variations on and conditions for everything.
The exploding box is way fun and two German Stars (see Page 2, "Preparing for the Journey Home" on this blog) fit neatly inside. I wonder who will open their mailbox to find this inside???

think of all the "if this, then" cooking stuff as a flow chart, kris. hey, i bet you could develop one for use by non-cooking software engineers! it would, like, totally demystify cooking for a whole population of cooking challenged people!

who, indeed, gets to keep the box? i'm looking forward to finding out, myself.

That would definitely be the flowchart from h***, and would immediately violate the rule of no more than 3 nested "if" statements. And, besides, I get into trouble fast when I try to apply logic to any art form... :-)

you're a very wise woman, yote. that came across like obi-wan or yoda. "into trouble you get..." hey, that leads me to a new nickname for you. "yada," the feminine form of "yoda!" oh my. it's getting deep. i should shut down for the night...'night all!

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