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*LOVE* your funky art pages, Sharon! And I'm so glad to hear that your mom is OK! And WOW to your vibrantly colored pic for mail art! That is awesome!
We are living parallel lives here, and I've got to thank you for this blog post because now I feel vindicated. We have an atrium, and the only thing that seems to look really good in it is the Christmas tree. So a couple of years ago, we stopped taking it down and replacing it with mediocre potted plants, and just left it there. We only light it at Christmas time. I really prefer the real thing, but I'm allergic to molding, dead fir trees, so this one is fake. But it really looks good...and pluging it in is almost as much of a celebration as decorating it....LOL!

get out! no way! we are rolling on the floor, hugging our aching sides, barbara! howling with laughter. kris is gonna start blowing snot-bubbles any moment, i know it, and i have tears streaming down my face, doing the chicken shriek! maybe its a sign we stopped trying to take it down. too much!

i'm allergic to molding fir and spruce trees too. that's why we have a fake one. i'm also allergic to dust tho, so if we're going to keep it up, it still needs a good washing...

thanks for kudos on the artwork.

there is so much about this evening that is screeching of the cosmic interface...BAM!

I say leave it up! just add in a few red, white, and blue decorations for the summertime-- that will last you thru Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day!!

i'm with you, jennifer, and have lobbied heavily for red, white and blue decorations. however, the vet is coming this afternoon to give one of the dogs acupuncture, and we need the space. besides, kris says it's driving her nuts. looks like today's the day. maybe next year...maybe not!

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