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Awwwwwwwww shucks. Thanks Ladies for the kind words. What you both did in classes this weekend was AMAZING. Fabulously cool. It was great to see you both!! Hope the ride home was great. Oooh your picture of the desert is gorgeous! What I saw was nothing compared to what it looks like you both saw!

Awwwww shucks back at you Kelly! The drive home was a bit challenging this trip and took waaay longer than usual due to an unexpected highway closure...which (to think of it in a positive light) gave us more time to eyeball and enjoy the beautiful scenery and, despite the delay, still make Sunset Point in time to see the Last Saguaro.

Thanks for kudos on the photo...when there's good material to work with yada-yada...And while you had an entirely different set of flora, I'm sure it had a beauty all it's own. On my list of places to shoot one spring is the part of the desert you drive through. There's a window of just a few days in which to get down there, though, and the peak dates change from year to year, depending on the snowfall. I think maybe the Arizona Highways website posts a "desert blooms" advisory, but haven't checked it out yet. Maybe next spring...

So much beauty, so little time...

Good to see you, as always! Safe journeys!

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