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Fabulous butterfly! (You suck!) Pasted all over my work computer monitor would definitely be distracting - but methinks that's a good thing.
Very determined tumbleweed to hold onto the hood of a car going 70mph. Maybe that was easier than trying to jump the fence on the other side of the road...

Thank you for all the kudos Sharon. It was a very fun class. You forgot to mention how you came up with some new techniques too! I love learning from my students!

I love tumble weeds, I love to watch them amble on. And I especially love it when you hit one just right and it explodes! Just like a bomb went off. So what does this say about me. How can I see the beauty in an object but also revel in it's destruction?

Anyway, thank you for the goodies. I've already decided to add some of your paper beads to one of my butterflies. So glad you came down!

oh, emily, you'd have stumbled on it yourself before long! besides, we were all just basking in so much creativity - how can you take credit for the air you breathe? i kinda like watching the tumbleweeds blow up, too. we laugh really hard, though, when they make it across the road and manage to roll up and over their accumulated kin piled against the fences. escape! you're so welcome for the goodies; glad you're enjoying them! can't wait to see them on a flutterby; i'm intrigued! thanks again for squeezing me into a FUN class!

@kris - look out!

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