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Lucky friend! I love the purple page with the white leaves. I'm sure she (or should I say She?) will love them. (I LOVE leaves.)

I usually use a hard, flat white plastic palette and clean it off all the time. I like the color white under the paint.

I like the environment and I recycle (now). My dogs always help me recycle; 50% of their toys are Lean Cuisine dishes or milk cartons or empty supplement bottles.

In my studio hardly anything gets thrown away. The garbage cans mostly hold wads of dog hair that I have scooped off the floor so I don't slip on it. Paper towels get a long, full life at my hands. I have a special paper towel trashcan wherefrom I can fetch a used towel and reuse, reuse, reuse it till it has become useless even as a glue rag.

I forgot to say that I enjoyed looking at your journal pages.

Remember how I told you I don't follow blogs? Well, I'm following yours! Thanks for your inspiring artwork. Photos of people and stuff are nice, but photos of artwork gets me out in my studio working, so I appreciate them.

And the whole time I was chanting, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home," and hoping that I wouldn't end up 5000ft above the ground hanging onto the leg of a canopy in my PJs!!

Ah, but what a tale you'd have to tell then!

Very true. Very true.

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