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Fingers crossed, and toes too!

Thank you, Kelly! You're so sweet!

Amazing earring story! Just how early do you get up???

Thanks for posting the info on your classes for AU. I hope you get to teach them. I would love to take those classes. I especially like the look of the cardboard book. The cover pictures are so pretty. Can you show a photo of the circle book with one of the pages unfolded? It's hard to imagine what the individual pages look like. Best of luck to you!

Thanks so much Sue. I still find the whole earring saga pretty entertaining; glad you like it, too.

Uhm, since you asked...I'm generally up between 4:30 and 5:00am. I don't do it deliberately, it's just the time that I wake up and feel like starting my day. No one is up but the paper delivery gal and me, and there's a nice quiet period of time to drink my coffee, read the paper, work the daily Sudoku and crossword puzzles, check the computer and organize my day before the rest of the house is stirring around in the kitchen. In season, I hit the garden a little after sunup. Love watching the sunrise...naturally, I'm ready for bed along about 9pm.

I so appreciate your enthusiasm for the classes! Both of these are fun projects, and I especially like that they can be made from materials that might otherwise go in the dumpster. Will post a photo of the open circle pages shortly. Meant to do that the other day.

Got your email this morning, and will get back to you toady.

Thanks for visiting!

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