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Barbara Hagerty

Your pics are amazing, and I love the way you tell the story! Now I want to know if I can use the fire as an excuse for not tending my blog....I could say something like, "Well, I know Sharon and Kris, and it's not really that far to Flagstaff, so it seems really personal to me and I thought I'd wait to post until I knew the fires were under control...like maybe next October"??? Let me know if you think that will work...

I'm going to try the recipe using Trader Joes frozen organic boneless chicken thighs. I'm terrible at fishing bones out of the soup! It sounds great!


thanks for kudos on the photos, barbara! i'll have a bunch more up in a couple of days.

re: posting to your own blog...well, you could say that you've been glued to the news out of flagstaff, then repost my post to your blog, which could buy you at least another week, then you just HAD to drive up and make sure we're okay. then you had to see the fire for yourself...personally, though, i'd prefer to read the story of how crazy busy you've been through an exciting time of your own...

i'd definitely have used boneless chicken if i had it on hand! new frontiers had a deep sale on whole organic chickens three weeks ago. i bought about 25 pounds and butchered it myself, thinking to debone it AFTER we have my knives sharpened. i'm sure you've already thought of this, but - if you're using boneless chicken, you can cut back to 2 to 2 1/2 pounds of meat, right?

ordinarily bbq takes hours of baking in a slow oven. i love that this recipe gives good results without heating up the whole house!

oh, fyi - i used the trader joe's dunkelweisen in this. enjoy!

Kris (HTGRS)

Anything with a bottle of brown beer in it has got to be good!

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