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Barbara Hagerty

Glad to know that you're safe!!! Stay safe!!! I'm afraid that this AZ fire season is just beginning.

Your latte mix sounds wonderful, but is there a brand of instant pudding that isn't filled with chemicals? I've never looked for it in Whole Foods, so maybe there is one that I don't know about? Same with non-dairy creamer...isn't it completely chemical? I'm a milk fan and Amy loves soy milk.

Take care and let me know if you need anything.


great questions, barbara! i was going to address those issues in the post, but rushed to wrap up when the fire started...whole foods does have healthier versions of instant puddings, and so do many of the larger local health food stores. they also stock healthier versions of instant creamers. if you have trouble finding either of these, drop me an email, and i'll play with kitchen chemistry a bit, to find a substitute for the pudding mix. hmmm...brain's already chewing on it! xanthan gum, powdered milk...what else? lol!

thanks for well wishes! we're staying put and pretty safe, for now, if somewhat rattled. will give a holler if things go critical up here. you are so kind...stay safe, yourself, you hear? i know phoenix is a tinderbox just now...

good hunting at the market! let me know what you find.

Kris (HTGRS)

I love the smell of this stuff! And, it has lingered in the kitchen all day long...


fyi, y'all - kris doesn't drink coffee; she can't stand the taste of it! loves the way it smells, though, and i am more than happy to indulge her... ;^]

oh, btw - y'all meet kris! my non-cooking, nasa geekess, htgrs (honest-to-god-rocket-scientist) companion...

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